Saturday, August 30, 2014

PDW Shiny Object: A Pocketful of Pressure When You Need It

Outfitting my bicycle for trips longer than around the block, has lead me to more gear valuable for the Practical Prepper living in the real world.
In this case, a pocket sized tire inflator.
The bicycle world knows it as the Shiny Object, by Portland Design Works, but you'll call it a miracle maker the first time it saves you a tire change on a dark lonely road, some cold rainy night.

The Shiny Object uses threaded 16 Gram CO2 cylinders to fill bicycle tires, but any Presta or Schrader valve tires can get a fill up from this shiny wonder too!

It may take a two or three CO2 cylinders to bring a Motorcycle, truck, or car tire up to pressure, but ATV's & smaller trailer tires can get topped off & back to civilization in no time.  Toss a Shiny Object and a half dozen CO2 Cylinders in your Go Bag, or Glovebox, & you'll have enough wind to fill valve equipped inflatables with ease.

The Shiny Object has a built-in adjustable cut-off valve, so it's not a single use proposition either. Use it to fill sleeping pads & other inflatables over & over & over. The solid alloy device is ruggedly built, and the complete kit comes with a CO2 Cylinder and leather sleeve. Cylinder's get frosty cold when they discharge, and the vegetable dyed leather sleeve keeps the frost from your fingertips.  The Shiny Object is not intended to replace regular tire pumps and the like, but rather, serve as a quick fix tool to get you home or further along safe & with minimum effort.
With every gram of weight, and every cubic inch of space important considerations with gear you pack out, you immediately see the real value in this handy, hardy, pocket of pressure. The PDW Shiny Object is available at finer Bicycle shops, as well as online. Including HERE.  

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