Saturday, February 18, 2017

Survival Seeds: How To Stay Alive...Long-Term

If you’re not saving seeds you should be, even if you have food storage already. They take up little room and could save your life if there is ever a long-lasting crises, natural or economical.

Store Well: Moisture, Temperature, & Light
To keep seeds from prematurely germinating they need to be stored effectively. 

Moisture is an enemy to long-term seed storage. Make sure all seeds are properly dried and placed in moisture-proof packaging.

Seeds need to be kept at a constant temperature just above freezing (40-45 degrees). However, if the seeds are fully dried they can be kept at freezing temperatures.

Light exposure should be zero to minimum. It is best if the packaging is light-proof and placed in a dark area.
Oh, to dream...

Overall, you’ll be safe if your seeds are stored in moisture and water proof packaging and placed in a freezer or, for extra long-term storage, placed in a sealed PPC pipe and buried.

Purchase High Quality Seeds: 
Non-GMO & Heirloom

Non-GMO seeds are seeds that have not been genetically modified. Examples would be corn seeds that are modified to resist pests helping farmers save on pesticides. But in the past few years, farmers are finding that nature is adapting and the natural non-GMO seeds are yielding more.

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