Sunday, August 21, 2016

2 year service review: WORX 8 Amp Electric 14" Chainsaw

There are times when "You get what you pay for", doesn't hold water.
In the case of a 14"electric chainsaw by WORX, you get MORE.

Well into it's 2nd. year of hard service, getting this wood cutting powerhouse is money well spent. I had my doubts on a electric powered chainsaw, surely the motor & gearing can't possibly hold up to the
strain of cutting branches & logs, but after several good-sized tree-falls, and yards of firewood, the saw is just as sure & efficient as the day I pulled it out of the box.
My yard is full of trees. That means cutting up deadfalls, loping off branches, and harvesting firewood are common tasks. Over the years I've burned out two gas-engined chainsaws, each time cussing them for the aggravation of de-gumming clogged carburetors, despite keeping 2-cycle fuel fresh. Unless I was using the gas chainsaw daily, (which I wasn't) a year of use & storage was enough to turn a $100 investment into a crank pulling, blister-raising, pain in the butt. It got so I had to plan one whole day just getting the chainsaw running, to spend another full day using it.
When the second gas chainsaw finally bit the dust, I had had it. Worse, I had a big Bradford Pear decide to split in half on me leaving me a backyard FULL of fallen timber to cut up. I needed a chainsaw, & needed it right NOW!
So that's when I decided to take a chance on this WORX 14" Electric Chain Saw. I figured at half the price of a gas chainsaw, even if I only got a year's use out of it, at least I'm not out all the aggravation AND cost of a gas powered saw. Besides, with most of the work I needed to do... small branches with some thicker timber up to 20" thick... I figured I could knock out the small stuff, and if the saw puked on the bigger stuff, at least most of the cutting got done pretty cheap.

But surprisingly, that was TWO YEARS & more than three TREES AGO!

The WORX 14" saw is just as powerful, just as sharp, just as instant-on reliable as it was when I brought it home. No mixing gas, no priming, no choke, no yanking on a starter rope over & over & over. Lay out an extension cord, plug in & GO.

The WORX has an easy chain adjustment too. A twist of a knob snugs up the chain to proper tension, and just a top off of chain lube is all that's necessary for a full day of cutting.

It may seem like the saw takes a shade longer to cut through heavy work compared to a gas chainsaw, (but perhaps it was just the summer heat), but it certainly doesn't beat you up like a gas saw will. The motor is far quieter, the lighter weight of the saw is far less strain on your arms & back. I was totally surprised with the saw's cutting performance.
If your needs for a chainsaw is for light to medium yard work, mostly small diameter branches with the occasional larger log, the WORX 14" saw will do you very well, better than what you'd expect. Although tied to a electric power source via a plug in cord, you can kiss bye-bye all the starter rope pulling, spark plug fowling, gas mixture mess & smoky engine exhaust & ear ringing noise of a gas powered saw.
This has turned out to be one of my SMARTER investments.

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